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Politics of Investing Public Funds

Important differences exist between how Main Street (universe of public funds) and Wall Street approach portfolio management. Effective communication is essential to successfully manage the unique needs and circumstance of most public funds. Key learning outcomes will be how to effectively communicate with non-financial professionals and public as well as a thorough understanding of what differentiates a public fund from traditional Wall Street money management.

How to Construct a Politically Correct Portfolio

Session details how to incorporate politics into the portfolio management process. Participants will learn the fundamentals of developing an investment plan and how to apply those fundamentals to creating a “politically correct” portfolio. Key learning outcomes will be the demonstration of how to insure investment practice follows investment policy, why an investment policy is not an investment plan and how to illustrate a portfolio can be constructed to both preserve principal while seeking to earn a reasonable rate of return.

Does the Reward Justify the Risk

Session shows from a public fund perspective how to modify and apply Wall Street's relative value analysis to a public fund portfolio. Participants will learn how the various sectors, US Treasuries, US Agency's (fixed and callable), Corporate, Mortgage Back Securities, CMO's, and Municipals compare reward on a risk adjusted basis. Key learning outcomes include understanding both the Main Street and Wall Street risk management techniques for evaluating securities and fixed income portfolios.

Leveraging Technology

Session demonstrates how to use available information on the Web from FNMA, FHLMC, and FHLB—along with your Microsoft Excel—to create a spreadsheet that can automatically monitor your portfolio for called bonds and offerings. Governments with limited resources (no Bloomberg) will discover resources on the Web that can help gather economic forecasts and information useful to them for council/board meetings or to just stay abreast of current market conditions. The learning outcome for participants focuses on demonstrating artful methods and resources for finding useful data and information using only your computer, Web browser and Excel. Participants will be directed to useful apps to use on the go (put that iPad to work!) and how to have a computational knowledge engine solve your kids’ algebra and chemistry homework!

Individual sessions or combined into a four to six hour workshop. Includes the instructor's book, The Politics of Public Fund Investing and a certification of completion.

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