PTI Education Programs for Associations:

The Public Treasury Institute serves as resource for state, local and regional associations seeking in-depth and interactive on-site training for members and prospective members. We work with you to:

  1. Simplify the planning
  2. Offer nationally recognized, in-depth and relevant training
  3. Increase attendance

Let's get started! Call 301.229.6566 or email

We will develop the program for your group; prepare and send agendas; offer full support for registration, logistics and follow-up articles for your newsletter.

"Incorporating the Public Treasury Institute's investment course as part of our annual Colorado County Treasurers' Association conference was truly an asset. The Public Fund Investing course contained valuable information for our group and was very well received. Working with the Public Treasury Institute made it very simple to add this in-depth training to our program. We look forward to working with them in the future!"

Karen Sheaffer, Treasurer, Eagle County, Colorado; and Host, 2012 CCTA Annual Conference

"The daunting task of putting together our state training program became very manageable when I called the Institute and made them part of our team! This is our fourth year to receive fantastic training and excellent evaluations"

Mike Wade, Past President, Missouri GFOA

"Offering the course, Creating an Investment Plan, was a wonderful opportunity for members of the Washington State Association of County Treasurers to participate in a hands-on investment session. Ben understands the audience and has the tools available to make the course interesting and practical. You can put the material to use upon return to your office. Working with Stacey at the Public Treasury Institute was a pleasure and I heartily endorse the Public Treasury Institute as a valuable source for public treasury investment training."

Phil Sanders, Chair, Washington State Association of County Treasurers and Treasury Operations Manager, King County, Washington

PTI Education Programs for Individuals:

The Public Treasury Institute offers training for individuals in the public treasury and finance field so that they can easily access instruction either on-line or at a location close to their place of employment.

Call us at 301.229.6566 or email so that we can work with you to address your educational needs.

"Best day I have spent in government investment education in 15 years"

Michele M Pearson,Investment Manager,Kitsap County, WA Investment Pool

"I am going to begin back at my office to work on a cash flow analysis. While I put together an investment policy for the city last year ( based on GFOA's best practices) I will now be able to confidently revise it and put it into practice. I am ENTHUSED."

Peggy Minter, Finance Director, Wood Village, OR

"There are many continuing education programs for appointed and elected Treasurers. Some are quite good. The best, however, are the courses offered by Public Treasury Institute."

Fred Keeley, Treasurer, County of Santa Cruz, CA

PTI Education Programs for Governments:

The Public Treasury Institute has offers training on-site which means that your government is able to offer training to employees and neighboring treasury and finance officials and staff. Our goal is to offer governments in-depth training that is affordable and tailored to you and your employees.

We simplify the planning and tailor content to your unique circumstances.

Call us at 301.229.6566 or email

"Our participation in the web-based course, Creating MyINVPlan, taught by Ben Finkelstein, was well worth doing. I had taken the Institute's first investment planning course and the format of this second class was ideal for completing our own written investment plan. Coconino County now has a new Investment Plan, which accompanies our existing Investment Policy. Our written plan makes an impressive document along with the charts and graphs. I used it to make a presentation to our Board of Supervisors on the soundness, risk management, and security of my investments."

Bonny K. Lynn, Treasurer, Coconino County, AZ

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