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Creating an INVPlan is the first course in a series based on Ben Finkelstein’s book, The Politics of Public Fund Investing: How to Modify Wall Street to Fit Main Street. This in-depth course provides participants with the essential theory and hands-on computer lab needed to build an investment plan for their government. The course consists of two components:

  1. An in-depth discussion of the important role participant’s play as stewards of public funds; addressing important challenges facing public funds today – how to insure investment practice follows policy and performance measurement.
  2. Each student participates in a hands-on computer lab. Combining state of the art technology with a case study and investment planning software students go step by step through the why and “how-to” of creating an investment plan.

Main Street Money Managers seeking an in-depth course on the fundamentals of how to professionally manage a public fund portfolio will find Creating an INVPlan an invaluable resource.

Instructor:  Ben Finkelstein, Author, Politics of Public Funds

Mr. Finkelstein, author of “The Politics of Public Fund Investing: How to Modify Wall Street from Main Street”, is a nationally recognized speaker in the area of public fund investing. He is the instructor for a new workshop entitled: Evaluating Investment Performance: What a Public Fund Should Know About Benchmarks.

Participation: This in-depth course is available to groups of 20. A second day may be booked for groups of 10 – 20. Ideal for standalone programs held within a county, city or association division or as a pre-conference course. Participants include: treasurers, finance directors, directors of investments and cash managers, supervisors of public investments, auditors, students of public administration.


Materials: Participants receive: Six hours of instruction; a copy of the instructor’s book, The Politics of Public Fund Investing; Creating an INVPlan workbook; Suite of investment plan software (Each participant is given a spreadsheet toolkit used in created their own investment plans: Liquidity spreadsheet, interest rate risk evaluator, investment plan sector models, portfolio enhancement tables and market rate of return forecast and certificate of completion.

Timing:  6 hours

* This course is a prerequisite for Creating My INVPlan.

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