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This introductory level workshop on understanding benchmarks from a public fund perspective is for those exploring benchmarks to measure investment performance. The workshop covers the fundamentals of a benchmark. The workshop covers how these fundamentals can be applied to a public fund seeking to use a benchmark for evaluating and measuring their portfolio’s performance.


  1. Introduction:

    What are the objectives of a benchmark?

    What should you consider when deciding on a benchmark?

  2. Benchmark Construction:

    How are bond market benchmarks constructed (here we would use the most familiar Merrill Lynch 1-3 Government, Lehman Aggregate, etc).

  3. Measuring Performance:

    The concept of risk adjusted returns, various yield calculations such as total return, net effective returns, and market rate of returns.

  4. Manager Style

    Looking at the various management investment styles used in benchmarking - passive, active, buy and hold

  5. Performance Attribution

    Understanding the concept of Alpha? When is a manager adding value? What are the various sources of performance?

  6. Performance Reporting

    How to communicate investment performance using a benchmark?

Instructor:  Ben Finkelstein

Ben Finkelstein, author of “The Politics of Public Fund Investing: How to Modify Wall Street from Main Street”, is a nationally recognized speaker in the area of public fund investing. He is the instructor for a new course entitled, Creating an INVPlan; Creating My INVPlan; and a series of workshops and training programs on investing.

Participation: Ideal for very large groups as a pre-conference workshop; standalone division meeting; or concurrent or general session as part of a state or national conference. Minimum is 50 participants with no maximum.

Workshop Materials:  Participants receive: Three to four hours of instruction; a copy instructor’s book, The Politics of Public Fund Investing; certificate of completion and written agenda needed for CPE credits.

Timing:  3-4 hours

Fees:   $55 per person 

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