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Perfecting the Collections Process and Achieving Real Result examine: preconditions for success; the billing process, communications; payment options, initial response to potential delinquency; the ins and outs of bankruptcy and much more.

Taught by the authors of BRASS TAX, this course ranges from three to eight hours in length and includes a certificate of completion and copy of the book, BRASS TAX: The Compendium of Local Government Collection Powers and Practices.

The Collections Process and Achieving Real Results:

  • Module 1- Preconditions for Success
  • Module 2- The Billing Process
  • Module 3- Payment Options
  • Module 4- Communications
  • Module 5- Initial Response to Potential Delinquency
  • Module 6- Seizing the Opportunity
  • Module 7- The role of the Private Sector
  • Module 8- In and Outs of Bankruptcy
  • Module 9- The Compendium
  • Module 10- Lobbying the Legislature

To book the course, The Collections Process and Achieving Real Results, email or call (301) 229-6566. Prices and minimums are available upon request.

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