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by Sally Stewart

Media Training 101 , an invaluable resource for all public officials, offers proven techniques for working with the press and developing a winning public relations strategy.

Excerpt of Introduction

Media Training 101 teaches you how to work with the press by learning what journalists consider newsworthy and how they operate. This invaluable guide enables you to develop a concrete, effective public relations program that will help your office reap the public support you need.

Media Training 101 offers proven advice on topics such as developing consistent and compelling Key Message Points that will resonate with the public, gaining and maintaining control during an interview by following a few simple rules, employing crucial bridging phrases to help answer tough questions, handling crisis situations and emerging triumphant, avoiding gaffes during an interview, using effective body language to underscore your message, capitalizing on a story once it is out and utilizing Sally’s inside knowledge of what reporters are thinking so that you can be prepared for any question.

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